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SABA website

Links for their LMS product, Learning@Work Overview.

Saba is a large LMS that seems to have grown by purchasing and absorbing other smaller LMS systems over the years. (Technology acquisitions are a common practice among the leading LMS companies.)  The system can be deployed internally on a company intranet or via the cloud.

The company claims SABA is fully SCORM 1.2 and 2004 certified, and supports all SCORM features including resume data bookmarking, interaction-level data, and sequencing. 

The mysterious SCORM Detective

One of their whitepapers also mentioned a tool called SCORM Detective that allows you to test an LMS's compatibility.  This tool is mentioned in this Gartner article, however the link in the article is a dead end. Even more detailed document called Integrating SCORM Content With Saba is supposed to be obtained from the SABA website but the link supplied was broken when I tried it.  This link contains a bio for Eric Rosen of Saba and mentions that he is the author of SCORM Detective.  However, it appears that either SCORM Detective has been discontinued or else it has been absorbed into the codebase of SABA and used when checking incoming SCORM packages for compliance issues. 

The name SCORM Detective is being used now by other parties:

Known Issues with Adobe Captivate content on SABA:

SABA users report the following:

  • Course modules MUST contain at least some scored interactive objects or quiz question slides with quiz reporting turned on in order to report correctly to the LMS.
  • The recommended SCORM version to use is SCORM 1.2.
  • If running from virtual PCs, use a preloader set to at least 20% or higher to ensure enough content has loaded before the user initiates playback of the content.
  • Users report some problems with learners that fail a quiz being unable to return at a later time and retake the quiz.  Although the quiz is set to "Unlimited" in SABA, the learner's score is set as "Unsuccessful" and they are unable to retake the quiz without an administrator person manually resetting the quiz to "Unevaluated".
  • User's report inability to get videos in Captivate to play when the content is played from SABA.
  • SABA has some known issues with Captivate 5 content showing a grey loading screen if the preloader is not set to below 40%. Check this thread: This issue may be fixed by updating Captivate 5 with a patch supplied by Adobe or by using Captivate 5.5. (Preferably you should upgrade to Captivate 6 or later to get the newer Rustici SCORM drivers that worked better with all LMSs.)
  • Check this thread where a SABA user reports that adding a scored button to the project was the only way to get it to report correctly:
  • Here's another thread from the Adobe forums where a Captivate / Saba user found that adding a scored button to the final slide was the only way to get it to mark the module as completed: 
    This same user also notes that SABA seems to have an issue with Captivate if Resume Data is being sent, so he had to select the option in LMS Customisation settings to Never Send Resume Data

Captivate Settings:

Other than the issues mentioned above, SABA users recommend the SCORM settings shown below:

Captivate 6 or 7

Captivate 5 or 5.5


This page provides details about how to configure Adobe Captivate elearning content for compatibility with the Learning Management System named above. However, this information needs to be sourced from actual users of the LMS and should ideally be updated with each new version of Captivate released. I add any relevant information to this page for the benefit of other Captivate users like yourself.

If you personally use Captivate with this LMS, can you share the Quiz settings you successfully use, or at least state the issues you have encountered so far? If so, please leave a comment below, or contact me personally using the button provided.  THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTING!


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