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NOTE: Plateau was bought by Success Factors which was then in turn bought by SAP.  The vendor's website link now points to the Success Factors website.


Plateau appears to be mainly a Talent Management system with LMS capabilities added on.

Known Issues:

Several users on the Adobe Captivate forum have reported issues trying to get Captivate content to run on Plateau.  There seem to be a number of unique reasons for this. 

Check this very useful thread where a user reports five necessary steps to use to ge their Captivate project to work on Plateau.

These steps are:

  1. Don't have spaces in your module file names otherwise Plateau will not work properly.  The spaces cause broken links. Use underscores to separate words in the Captivate publishing title field so that the generated SCORM files have no spaces in filenames. 
  2. Set the Quiz Preferences as shown under Captivate settings below.
  3. Set the LMS Manifest settings to have a duration as shown in the settings screenshot below.  Without this duration data, some LMSs will throw an error, while others will tolerate it without issue.
  4. DO NOT allow the Plateau LMS to use Livelink zip utility when downloading the Captivate 5 files for posting to the LMS.  Apparently this compression utility adds an extra extension on each file which then breaks the links between files and prevents the content from displaying properly. (E.g. it adds an extra js on the end of JavaScript files, thus making standard.js turn out as standard.js.js and breaking the link in the HTM file that plays the Captivate SWF content.)
  5. Test in several browsers as they tend to vary in how they behave.

Captivate Settings:

These screenshots show the recommended settings for Plateau:

Quiz Settings:

Manifest Settings


Step 5 says to configure your content object as "credit upon launch". If you do that then there's no reason to use SCORM since launch, not completion, gives credit. I do not check credit upon launch when using AICC/SCORM. Also, I would test this on IE and Firefox because browsers behave differently, and document which one works best for your content.

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Thanks for your input. The current information on this LMS was submitted by a Plateau user. I have no access to Plateau to test settings. Since it appears you DO have this access, are you able to confirm that the other suggestions work, or do you have better settings that you've found successful and that other users might be able to follow? I'm happy to remove step 5 from this page if you're certain it would NOT be the way to go.

I found this post while researching an issue I am having with Plateau (now Success Factors) and Captivate 5.5.
We recently upgraded to Captivate 5.5 and I am now having trouble getting a course to bookmark properly.  I have followed all settings that we (successfully) used in Captivate 5.0, but we are no longer getting bookmarking to work and even though the course is set to not mark credit upon launch, it is.  I originally used Plateau's SCORM import process and have tried recreating the Content Object multiple times with no success.
Details are - We are on Plateau v5.8 sp3.  The course was originally a powerpoint, that I imported into Captivate 5.0, but was in the process of getting 5.5, so updated it to 5.5,  added a couple of "graded" questions (but don't assign any points- as we don't care if they "pass" this or not).  I've confirmed all of my publish settings are noted as the same as the ones above, I've also added the duration noted to the Manifest Settings but that didn't seem to affect it either, everything I try continues to give a credit upon launch without bookmarking.  I need this course to be "touch every page" and with bookmarking capability.
Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.  I am about to revert to a colleague to rebuild in Captivate5 if I can't find a solution soon...  THANKS!


This page provides details about how to configure Adobe Captivate elearning content for compatibility with the Learning Management System named above. However, this information needs to be sourced from actual users of the LMS and should ideally be updated with each new version of Captivate released. I add any relevant information to this page for the benefit of other Captivate users like yourself.

If you personally use Captivate with this LMS, can you share the Quiz settings you successfully use, or at least state the issues you have encountered so far? If so, please leave a comment below, or contact me personally using the button provided.  THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTING!


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