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 SCORM and AICC compliant.  Unable to determine which versions of SCORM or AICC are supported and to what extent.

Known Issues: Cornerstone may not automatically refresh the course status shown on the browser page after a user completes a lesson.  Captivate is passing the course information correctly but the user must refresh the LMS browser page in order to see the correct status.  Some users only see the previous launch button and click it again thinking their score has not been reported.  This appears to be a Cornerstone issue rather than a Captivate issue.

Some Adobe Forum users report issues with using AS3 content created with Captivate 5:  See the hotfix link below for use with AS3 content that is not delivered from the same domain as the LMS server. According to one user on this post, they were able to eliminate this issue and finally get their Captivate content to work with Cornerstone OnDemand by upgrading to Captivate 5.5 and republishing with that version:

See this forum post where a Javascript fix was suggested for an issue where failing the quiz resulted in the lesson reporting completed instead of failed:

Some users report issues with Cornerstone LMS reporting errrors due to Captivate content missing a file called MMTracking.swf.  This is a debugging file used by Adobe technicians and is not required for published content.  However, Cornerstone appears to think the file must be present since it detects a browser request for it.  See these two posts where the absence of this file is discussed:

AICC enabled LMSs such as Cornerstone allow content to reside on a different server  to the LMS (e.g. a CMS, File server etc). However, if the Captivate course and LMS are in different domains, when user tries to access the course from the LMS, it hangs at the loading screen. To avoid this issue, your content should reside on the same server as your AICC-enabled LMS.

Adobe has recently announced a hot fix for this cross-domain compatibility issue for Captivate 5 AICC content:

Recommended Captivate Quiz Settings


This page provides details about how to configure Adobe Captivate elearning content for compatibility with the Learning Management System named above. However, this information needs to be sourced from actual users of the LMS and should ideally be updated with each new version of Captivate released. I add any relevant information to this page for the benefit of other Captivate users like yourself.

If you personally use Captivate with this LMS, can you share the Quiz settings you successfully use, or at least state the issues you have encountered so far? If so, please leave a comment below, or contact me personally using the button provided.  THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTING!


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