Adobe Captivate LMS Compatibility Guide

If you're an Adobe Captivate e-learning developer, sooner or later you'll need to ensure your course content is compatible with one of 100 or more Learning Management Systems currently on the market (and growing all the time). This LMS Compatibility Guide is a mechanism for Adobe Captivate authors to share information about LMS products they've encountered, and the specific settings or modifications in either Captivate or the LMS that they found to work successfully.

Follow the links at the bottom to a page dedicated to a specific LMS. To have a specific LMS added, contact me. If  you can supply any information about a particular LMS or the settings it requires, I will structure and compile this information and add it to the relevant pages as needed. 

Thank you for participating!


Dear Mr Ward, Do you happen to have had any experience with ILIAS?

Thank you.

Marvin DuBois

Rod Ward's picture

I have not 'personally' had experience working with the ILIAS LMS, no. None of my clients use this LMS. However, it's possible that some of the people I communicate with in this community might be using it to deliver Adobe Captivate e-learning. Is there a problem you are having?

We are using ILIAS LMS for all the elearning @Royal Netherlands Army. It's a free and fantastic LMS. It is the standard for delivering elearning with several NATO partners and university's.

Vico van den Eventuin

Rod Ward's picture

 Vico and Marvin,
If you can supply me with basic information about ILIAS LMS (e.g. vendor details and web URLs, known issues, Captivate settings) I will add it to the LMS Guide.


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