Links About Using JavaScript with Adobe Captivate

This page lists any threads I've found on the net that explain how to use JavaScript to solve issues or add functionality to Adobe Captivate  There aren't many items at the moment but JavaScript seems to be on the ascendency nowadays since HTML5 has captured people's imaginations. As I find more topics I'll add them.

How to use decimal points:

Where is the best place to add JavaScript code in Captivate?

Here is an article by one of the Adobe Captivate developers (Vish) on how to get a Captivate SWF to dynamically communicate with the HTM page in which it is embedded:

Michael Lund (CpGuru) suggests a JavaScript fix for Captivate's bookmarking issue with LMSs:

Jim Leichliter (CaptivateDEV) articles on JavaScript:

This link by Jim Leichliter shows how to use JavaScript in Captivate to control an embedded SWF:

Another article by Jim about how to write and read JavaScript cookies:

In this post Jim explains how to use JavaScript with Captivate 6 and how to expose all the variables in the Cp Javascript API:




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