Flash player conflicts with Captivate 5 text animations

Yesterday when I logged into my trusty laptop I saw the invitation to upgrade to a new version of Flash player.  Since I create elearning content with Adobe Captivate as SWF files, I readily accepted.

Normally Flash player upgrades are good for my content because they usually improve the playback experience.  Not this time.

I discovered two movies on my site were now showing only a black screen.  One movie was a single slide displaying various types of Captivate screen objects which can be used as drag and drop objects in our Drag and Drop Lite question widget.

What used to look like this....

...now looked like this...

I set about trying to find the cause and eventually, by trial and error deletion of objects from the movies, I found that the culprit was....text animations in Captivate 5!

Both movies affected contained only one text animation object. That was enough to cause the movies to be black and inoperative.

Captivate 4 is unaffected.  But I was told during the Captivate 5 pre-release program that Cp5 text animations are achieved using a special type of widget.  Obviously there is something in the technology used which is incompatible with the latest Flash player (version and one or the other will need to be fixed.

This is going to be a major issue for any Cp5 elearning developer that has included a text animation anywhere in their content.  Any end user trying to consume their content with a current version Flash player will get only a dark black screen.

I've tweeted about this issue and I know Adobe people follow them.  So hopefully a fix can be available very quickly.  In the meantime, I would suggest you avoid using Cp5 text animations completely.


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Go to this Adobe blog page where you can download a new DLL for Cp5 that will enable you to republish your movies so that animated text captions do not cause an issue with Flash player 10.1
Full marks to the Captivate team for acting so quickly on this.

Hi there, please help.
Is there any solution for drag & drop can function with latest version of flash player.

using windows 64 adobe captivate 4

thank you

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Our drag and drop widgets DO function with the latest version of Flash Player 11. However, there is a known issue where Captivate 4 users that upgrade to Flash Player 11 are unable to use widgets...including Adobe's own widgets shipped with Cp4.

At this point in time the only fix for this issue is to completely uninstall Flash Player 11 and roll back to Flash Player 10.3 or similar. I do not know when (or if) Adobe will issue a patch for this issue in Cp4.

Your only other choice is to upgrade to Captivate 5.5. It does not suffer with the same issue.

I encourage any users affected by this issue to contact Adobe and voice their concerns.

After 5 hrs of trying everything I found your post and removed my text animation (only had one) and Bingo... Come on Adobe, fix it / get it right


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