Master the Art of Captivate's Advanced Actions

Would you like to become an Adobe Captivate expert, and develop highly interactive e-learning courses that engage learners and impress your clients or bosses?

To do this, you'd need to know what the experts know about how to use Adobe Captivate Variables and Advanced Actions. But this level of knowledge usually takes many years to acquire, or involves spending thousands of dollars on advanced classroom training (if you can find anyone able to deliver it).

Now there's a simple and easy way to learn the theory and power of Adobe Captivate's Variables and Advanced Actions. It's all at your fingertips in my 195 page e-book (PDF format) called the Infosemantics Guide to Adobe Captivate Advanced Actions

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My name is Rod Ward. I don't work for Adobe. I'm an independent e-learning designer/developer working under contract to businesses in the corporate sector here in Western Australia.  

In the course of my professional career I've used every version of Adobe Captivate since it was first released in 2004, and I've contributed about 8,000 posts on the Adobe Captivate Forum answering technical queries from other e-learning developers just like yourself.  (I'm also the author of Infosemantics renowned e-books on Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate.)

Advanced actions are certainly very powerful, but most Captivate developers barely even touch what they can do. My years of experience building actual e-learning courses for real-world clients has given me a unique perspective on how to take advantage of Adobe Captivate's extensive features for building complex interactivity.  

I've written this guide to advanced actions to share this information with the Adobe Captivate community.  It's designed to take you from novice to expert in no time.

What does the Advanced Actions Guide cover?

The first half of the book covers all the background information you'll need to know about the building blocks of Adobe Captivate interactivity. Each chapter builds progressively on the one before it. As you work through this e-book you will learn foundation knowledge about:

  • User variables and system variables
  • How run-time events can be used to execute actions
  • How to use single actions
  • How to use standard actions
  • How to use conditional actions
  • How to use shared actions
  • How to capture various types user input
  • How to set up your own customized advanced actions debugging environment

The second part of the e-book contains a wide array of practice exercises that range from simple to progressively more complex.  All of these examples are based on actual e-learning courses that I have built for real-world clients. The exercises take you step-by-step with screenshots and full instruction that show how to:

  • Use advanced actions to manipulate the value of variables
  • Create toggle actions
  • Create dynamic course navigation that responds to user actions
  • Accept and validate user input
  • Set up your own custom date formats
  • And much more...

At the end of the book are special Appendices full of technical information including a list of Captivate’s Reserved Keywords, System Variables, and a list of Keystroke Shortcuts that you can print out for your work space or cubicle.

If you want to see for yourself all of the topics covered in this e-book,download the current Table of Contents and first 30 pages of content to see for yourself.

Is it worth the price?  What do actual readers say?

See for yourself! (Please note that all of the people providing testimonials below paid for their e-books. No freebies!)

“I’m a Learning & Development Consultant in Melbourne, Australia and I’m always looking for fresh ways to use Captivate to keep my target audience interested and engaged. Rod’s ebook has really helped me solve some of the issues I have been having with Advanced Actions and given me some great ideas. The formatting is clear, conversational and very user friendly, and the examples provided are invaluable and get you creating straight away. Infosemantics’ products are great value and fill a gap in the information market that Adobe doesn’t seem able to fill. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone using Captivate.”
Stuart Strickland, Learning & Development Consultant, Melbourne, Australia

"There are several reasons I bought Rod Ward's Advanced Action ebook. One reason is he has been a huge support within the Captivate community on LinkedIn, Adobe Captivate forums, and for Adobe beta testing. For many years, he has offered free advice, troubleshooting, and assisted countless people with their Adobe Captivate questions. He offers Captivate solutions in a manner that the lay (inexperienced) person can understand, and he does so consistently, probably daily, and with a great attitude. Even though I am fairly experienced with Captivate and Advanced Actions, I always learn something from reading Rod's free articles/tutorials on his blog and his forum posts. He has an amazing amount of knowledge on Adobe Captivate troubleshooting and advanced techniques and I aspire to, not only be as knowledgable as him in Adobe Captivate, but to be able to present the information as freely and as eloquently as he does. He is an inspiration and I am sure the ebook is helping a ton of people. I also bought Rod's troubleshooting ebook which is also a fantastic resource. Rod has a way of writing the makes everything very clear, orderly, and understandable."
Anita Horsley, Calex Learning Consultants, Charleston, SC. USA.

“I have bought two of your ebooks: Captivate 7 troubleshooting and Captivate Advanced Action. Both excellent helpful information and content set. I have printed them and created classic books so I use them nearly every day when I need help with something, or simply to learn from them. These books have fixed place on my work table :) Thank you very much for these books. Sorry for my English, I am not native English speaker.”
Jaroslav Verlik, Elearning Designer & Developer, Slovakia.

"I've been been wanting a reference work that can help me with the 'tribal knowledge' found among experienced Captivate users have (like what works, what doesn't, what causes crashes, etc). I have both the Troubleshooting Captivate book and the Advanced Actions book from Infosemantics. I bought Rod's books because of a dearth of literature on Captivate, especially at more sophisticated levels. I had not seen anything written that handles scripting and the nuts and bolts of advanced actions out there. I wanted to know how to write branching scenarios, my own kinds of quiz questions, etc. So I was thrilled when I saw on his site that Rod was writing these books.  I confess I really like Rod's style. He writes in a welcoming, accessible style, like a longtime friend (and expert) who sits you down, rolls up his sleeves, and walks you through the hairier parts of Captivate. And he doesn't gild the lily either. If he thinks some functionality in Captivate is no-good or marginal, he says so. But he also presents work-arounds to handle those marginal features, while giving Captivate credit for the things it does well. Frankly, I couldn't ask for a better guide through the jungle.  There simply aren't any Captivate books out there at the intermediate or advanced level. Nor are there tutorials or webinars -- that I can afford, anyway. Rod's books are exactly what I, and a zillion other teachers, designers, and trainers have been looking for, to take us beyond the beginner level. Rod presents solutions, tips, and tricks that even my colleagues with years of Captivate experience don't know. I feel like Rod is talking my language. I feel reassured by his deep experience in troubleshooting Captivate and advising people on the Captivate discussion board. He conveys a "can do" attitude, and doesn't speak like an evangelist. He writes as a realist. If Captivate is problematic about certain things, or he perceive people were unhappy with something, he says so. I like all the pictures in his book. Screenshots are worth their weight in gold! I have printed out all Rod's books with spiral bindings so I have them in in front of me. I like that I can both search the eBook version effectively but also use a print edition.  Buying this book was a no brainer. I would say these books offer nicely presented Captivate instructions from a non-biased, deeply experienced user that you can't find anywhere else."
Erick Stavney, Seattle (Washington State) USA.

“I develop elearning for a living every day. This book answered all of my questions and got me through a tight spot when I had problems with inserting variables. Was it worth the asking price? Yes definitely. It covers EVERY TOPIC.”
Cheryl Powell, CEO GC Learning Services LLC, USA.

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How this e-book benefits you

  • It will help you take your professional skills to the next level and advance your career as an e-learning developer. 
  • Make your e-learning courses stand out from the crowd by being more interactive, engaging, and interesting for learners.
  • Allow you to create the kind of portfolio courses that will impress prospective clients or bosses so that you can win contracts or land jobs.
  • Enable you to create the kind of complex interactivity only usually showcased by top Captivate professionals or Adobe evangelists.

How much does it cost?  You pay only $35.00 USD.

It takes only a few moments to purchase using a credit card.  Our shopping cart system accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, or PayPal.  You can download your e-book PDF file as soon as the transaction payment is cleared.

Extra bonuses

  • Each book also comes with a complete set of downloadable example CPTX files for Captivate versions 5, 6, and 7. (These are the actual CPTX files I used to create the practice projects shown in the e-book. This means you can open these files in your version of Captivate and see exactly how the interactions in my e-book were constructed.
  • Once you have purchase this e-book, you can ask me any question you want about how to create an interaction in Captivate with Advanced Actions. If I know how to achieve it, I’ll explain it to you. I may even and add that content to the next version of the e-book!
  • All future updates or versions of this book are free for you to download. You pay no extra, no matter how many times I update the e-book.

"What if I buy the e-book and then decide I don't like it?"

So far, everyone that has purchased this e-book has been more than satisfied. However, I’m so sure you’ll be happy with this e-book that I’m offering a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you’re not completely satisfied with the content, within 30 days of purchase, I will refund the entire purchase price. You get 100% of your money back.

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